Rufus Reid:  Matt King’s latest recording, Monk In Brazil, is a brilliant triumph melding the wittiness of Thelonious Monk’s melodies and the infectiousness of Brazilian rhythms.  From my viewpoint, Matt King’s piano playing is always stellar, but Monk In Brazil may be his best work to date!   His solos sparkle with such clarity and solid creative ideas.  Matt King is in complete charge on this recording session while surrounding himself with some of the best well-seasoned, creative Brazilian musicians, making this project extremely successful. This recording is full of joyous musical surprises that will engage you from beginning to end, and 
is fun to listen to repeatedly. If you love Monk and Brazilian music, get ready to party!  BRAVO, MATT KING!  

Dave Stryker:  Monk’s music is timeless. The great pianist Matt King has shown how fresh Thelonious’s music still is with his creative Brazilian arrangements of these classics.  Matt has definitely turned a Brilliant Corner with this project.  Muito Bom!  

Jovino Santos Neto:  Hermeto Pascoal used to say that, in his opinion, Thelonious Monk was the 'most Brazilian of all American jazz composers’. Matt King has proved that point with this delightful recording.  With both feet firmly planted in the jazz tradition, he lets the wings of this music flutter over many different Brazilian grooves.  The playing and the players are all top-notch, and the creative arrangements enhance Monk’s music without harming its powerful DNA.  Congratulations to Matt for assembling this great team, and for honoring one of the greatest pianist-composers with beautiful grooves and inspired improvisations.  Parabéns! 

Romero Lubambo:  Great CD!  I love the way Matt arranged Monk’s music using several different rhythms from Brasil, and master Brazilian musicians to get very authentic results.  Everybody played really well, and of course Matt is a master himself on the piano and melodica.  Great and refreshing recording.  Congratulations to all involved in this beautiful project!  

Claudio Roditi:  Virtuoso pianist Matt King had the brilliant idea of doing Thelonious Monk's music in a Brazilian fashion, using some of the younger Brazilian, Puerto Rican, and American masters of the new music (made in the USA), and rhythms from various parts of Brazil.  The result is really hip!